Why is Buying Fair Trade or Organic Important?

We started The Das Tea Company to bring positivity and healing to the world through tea. Tea farmers from all over the world are foundational to our business and our mission. Ensuring farmers earn a fair wage, have access to resources, and are protected are non-negotiable for us.

How To Do Yoga | Methods That Changed My Life

Yoga is touted as a path to destress and practice mindfulness. For a beginner (or for someone inflexible like myself), the intricate poses can be incredibly intimidating. In this post, I share the ways I practice yoga. These simple methods, like a hatha yoga practice, can cultivate mindfulness and inner peace.

How to Relieve Stress | Methods to Destress

Life is stressful. We're confronted with new challenges every day. Stress can affect our health in deleterious ways and invite chronic disease, pain, and mental suffering. In this post, I share some lifestyle adjustments like drinking tea, meditation, and mindfulness to begin the destressing process.