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Unapologetically made for you:
Our goal is to build a unique, bespoke box specifically tailored to you for all your needs and concerns.
The world of tea just got smaller:
Experience a diverse set of premium tea blends from renowned gardens all over the world.
Premium teas without the premium prices:
By buying our box, you have access to luxury tea blends, without paying the luxury price.
Everyone deserves to live well:
Our custom self-care solutions promote comfort and emotional and physical wellbeing.

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Better health for a better life

Compassion for our suppliers, farmers, and environment

100% recyclable, repurposable packaging

Integrity, honesty, and transparency

Our Dedication to Mother Earth

The best teas aren’t only about the best-tasting teas. We believe that premium tea must be harvested in ways that are kind to the Earth from which it grows and to the farmers who cultivate the leaves. All of the brands we partner with harvest their teas from organic farms all over the world, package whole tea leaves in biodegradable tea bags, and ensure fair trade with their farmers.

Our luxurious boxes are not only 100% recyclable, but we encourage our clients to repurpose them. Quality, integrity, and compassion are built, quite literally, from the ground up.

Our Story

Tea was our dad’s constant companion. He enjoyed cups of piping hot teas at all hours of the day, all year round. Our pantry was always fully stocked with a wide range of teas: varying fragrances of jasmine, lemon, and orange; astringent green teas; powerful black teas that cured our migraines.

We started this company to celebrate his enthusiasm and passion for tea, and to continue his legacy of service to people and the world. We hope our personalized boxes will not only provide a vignette into our home collection but give you the solutions you need. As we embark on this journey, we hope to give back to the Earth which nourishes us and the people who support us. We hope our box inspires others to reach their highest potential by living fuller, healthier, and more sustainable lives through service, empowered individuality, vitality, and inner peace. 

Meet The Brother And Sister

The Tea Loving Founder

Akash Das

Founder, CEO

Akash Das

Founder, CEO

Kuhokee Das

Creative & Design, Advisor

Akash Das

Founder, CEO