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Think of us as your personal tea curator. Take our free and quick tea quiz. In a few simple questions, we get to know your lifestyle, taste preferences, and wellness concerns. From there, we build a box that addresses your wellness concerns with your tastes and lifestyle in mind. If you subscribe, you’ll receive your teas straight to your door every month (we might even surprise you with a new box design!). Don’t like the teas in your box? Take our quiz again or contact us at with subject “Change my box”. We won’t rest until you’re fully satisfied.

We strive to deliver a truly personalized array of teas to you that specifically target your needs. Using your quiz results and our proprietary matching algorithm, we pair you with the teas that rank the highest in compatibility. Want new teas in your box? Take our quiz again – our algorithm is always learning (just like we are) or contact us at with subject “Change my box”.

Our box comes with a bunch of perks! Once you subscribe, you have access to a lifetime discount of 40% off all your box orders, significant cost savings buying teas from us at wholesale pricing vs. other suppliers and brands, free shipping, auto-replenishment of your teas, and access to exclusive free teas and other gifts.

Typically, our clients can see an immediate change in their sleeping patterns, energy, and mental wellbeing after taking our teas. On average, clients experience a total body transformation in four months.

You’ll get 18 delicious tea blends based on your quiz results. We currently stock a wide selection of black, green, spiced chai, white, oolong, matcha, mate, and herbal teas. 100% natural, non-GMO, pollutant free, and USDA organic.

Absolutely! Note, one-time purchases will not receive the “Subscribe & Save” discount and may be subjected to additional shipping and handling charges.

We’re so happy to hear that! Since you already took our quiz, head over to and click the “Order your box” button and follow the checkout process. We’ll take care of the rest. 

We exclusively partner with brands that share our values of ecological conservation, ethical business, and the healing power of tea. We deliver curated, high-quality teas sourced exclusively from ethical brands. Proudly, our partners use sustainable practices in their manufacturing and harvesting processes, are fair-trade certified, and are carbon neutral. Our partners perform humane practices to ensure farmers’ fair wage, medical care, labor rights, clean water access, and cultural preservation. Our partners are also dedicated to species and environmental preservation.

We take care of it all. We will automatically charge the payment method used when placing your initial order. To edit / update your payment method, please visit the “Payment Method” dashboard from the My Account page.

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Whether you need a coffee alternative, a self-care ritual, or a fast acting cold/flu solution, we got you covered.